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Very lovely girls on steroids pictures

It is known to all that the steroids are extremely damaging for all, specifically ladies and must be kept at bay. A lot of women , who are associated with sports and body building , frequently resort to this drug for boosting their efficiency. In this post you will be offered a possibility to take a look at the images of 8 females who have been subjected to prolonged usage of steroids. This has actually left its mark on the body and looks of these females and they now look absolutely nothing like a lady but look more like a man . To understand more about them, click the link provided here. So look into women before and after now. If you are exploring for bodybuilder girl, you have actually stay on the amazing blog post. More source to oddee.

The woman who claims that steroids gave her a penis

The former Ms. Olympia who looks nothing like herself

The woman who tried for the fitness competition but was ruled to be too big and turned to bodybuilding

The former bodybuilder who compares bodybuilding to alcoholism

The 2nd best female bodybuilder on the IFBB ranking list

The thin girl who became a bodybuilding guru

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