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Really perfect being in coma

Coma is considered as an unresponsive condition of the brain and individuals who go into coma can come back to the normal life after any duration of time or they might not come into the sense in their rest of the lives. However there are some real stories of the coma clients who have begun to act like different personality after returning to the coma. These wired behaviors of these individuals can leave you stunned . If you wish to know the description behind these behaviors and the history of the patients then you will have to participate in the link. These stunning stories can make you thoughtful. So start looking for man wakes up from coma after 23 years you always wanted. If you are exploring for longest comas, you have actually come on the remarkable post page.

The 3-year-old girl who started smoking and drinking after waking up from a coma

The woman who forgot her life after being put into coma

The woman who falls into coma every time she says: ‘I love you’

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