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Quite distinct enamel paints for artists

Today, instead of highlighting her new watercolor paintings, we take a look at her black leaking paint pictures. The 21-year-old artist simply installed a new video that reveals the making of Waiting, the piece immediately listed below. Watch as she masterfully develops the piece utilizing a combination of black enamel paint, which she leaks and flips off her paintbrush, and charcoal, which she carefully places and then smears with her fingertips. You just have to enjoy her strategy. Have a look at the video to see more and experience how she manages to pull it all off in such special design without any problems So start looking for drippy paint you always wanted. If you’re finding for Agnes Cecile art, you have come on the appropriate lading page. For more info to mymodernmet.

Credit: Silvia Pelissero’s deviantART and Facebook