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Amazing Wildlife Photographer Shares Mesmerizing Footage

Wildlife photographers help many of us keep in touch with the most peculiar and rare creatures residing on Earth. Without them, we would not even know what some animals look like. Take, for instance, such rare and endangered beings as Philippine eagles or white-bellied pangolins, which have been captured by photographers long before they’ll go extinct. One such photographer, David Weiller, who explores the wonders of nature, recently showed us another rarely-seen animal⁠—the Brahmaea hearseyi moth.

Weiller, who lives in France, told Bored Panda that he picked up wildlife photography as a hobby in 2008 when he traveled to Africa with his friend and wildlife photographer Thomas Marent who was taking pictures for his primate book (“Like Us: Encounters with Primates”). Amazing Wildlife Photographer Shares Mesmerizing Footage Of A Giant Brahmin Moth With Tiger Eye Wing Pattern. More source to boredpanda.

Credit text boredpanda. 

More info: davidweiller.com | Instagram | twitter.com

Image credits: Dr. Alexey Yakovlev

Image credits: Pavel Kirillov

Image credits: Хомелка

Image credits: goldentakin

Image credits: goldentakin Follow

Image credits: DAVID WEILLER

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