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Amazing one-of-a-kind moving love

Developed by the Georgian carver Tamara Kvesitadze in Batumi these two steel figures signify immortal love. The sculptures represent the Muslim boy Ali and Nino, the Gregorian princess from a famous novel composed in 1937 by the Azerbaijani author Kurban Said. The book is about a tragic romance with the lovers separated by soviet intrusion of the region . Set up in 2010, the statues begin moving at 7 PM every day and after accepting for a brief while they once again separate . The story of Ali and Nino is preferred and is available on Amazon.So start searching for daily working pass right now. If you are looking for moving man, you have actually come on the perfect post page.

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More info: tamarastudio.com | Amazon (h/t: demilkedaplus)

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Image credits: Rich McClear