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Amazing incredible tattoo in head

The workmanship and custom-made of utilizing all-common glue from the henna plant to make transitory henna tattoos about-faces to old Asian and Middle-Eastern history, nevertheless one gathering has actually taken this old art and provided it another, current factor. Henna Heals is a group of henna specialists positioned in Canada that makes charming blossoming henna crown tattoos for women who have lost their hair to malignancy and chemotherapy. The henna crowns, which highlight usually ladylike botanical examples, religious images and messages of trust, help girls experiencing disease , adapt to the loss of their hair to malignancy. For people experiencing growth, losing their hair to chemotherapy is a crippling problem that only contributes to the enthusiastic and physical fights that accompany their sickness . Simply tap on the connection.
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An individual’s hair is a big part of how they perceive themselves, so many psychologically or spiritually focused healing campaigns focus on coping with hair loss as a way to make life easier for those undergoing cancer treatment. Albert Bredenhann was also part of a project in which one cancer patient’s friends decided to help their friend cope with a different but also powerful hair-related surprise.

Source: hennaheals.ca | Facebook | Twitter (via: visualnews)