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Amazing incredible home alone funny

Ever thought of exactly what your innocent-looking pet cat might be preparing for the time when you aren’t house? If you have not, you may also begin envisioning some of the weirdest things that are possible on this Earth. Lingvistov, a cartoonist and graphic artist, has drawn up some animation strips with text that illustrates the activities that your feline might be preparing. Take a look at the images and previously long you will find yourself stretched out on the flooring, chuckling! Prior to the owner comes, the cat is back to his innocent, lazy afternoon siesta state of mind, and ready to welcome them!So check out things on my cat you always needed. If you’re exploring for things on my cat, you have stay on the awesome blog post.

All these thoughts made me create this post with my theory of what our cats do when we leave them home alone. Now we also have books about cats! I have also posted more series of my crazy (see Part IPart IIPart III) and even made a book!

More info: shop.lingvistov.com | Facebook