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Amazing cute cartoon art

Hair and make-up artist Laura Jenkinson of London has started doing ingenious forms of lipstick make-up arts. Her method involves usage of lipstick and various paints on her face and lips, replicating the multi-colored animation characters. Jenkinson’s lip art works cover a large variety of themes , most of them portraying animation characters from popular shows and films such as The Simpsons, Household Person and numerous Disney works. The adorable characters consist of animals like elephants, felines, human beings using hat, T-Shirts , exposing prominently their teeth and tongue, twisted lips, mustache and beard.In almost all cases, she masterfully superimposes the teeth, tongue and mouth of the characters on her own making the make-up look more reasonable .
So check out cute cartoon lady immediately. If you’re finding for lips cartoons, you have come on the amazing web page. More source to Boredpanda

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